Rediscovering Baguio City: What to do in Baguio City

After burning a lot calories at Mt. Pulag, it is now time for a food adventure. But before that, here are some tips on how to explore the city of Baguio. First, make an itinerary of the things that you want to do. Second make sure you find a place to stay before exploring. Now, if you are a solo traveler and if you are on a budget, you can scratch fancy hotels on your checklist. One good place to stay is at St. Scholastica’s Convent and Retreat Center which is located at 108 Wagner Road, Baguio City. The place is run by the missionary Benedictine sisters. The place is so peaceful and quiet. Aside form that, this convent is very accessible to all the tourist destinations of Baguio. Traveling by foot may become an option.


Aside from being peaceful and quiet, you can attend a morning mass at exactly 07:00am.


After the morning mass, my first destination is Pizza Volante which is located at Session Road. The food is very tasty, yet very affordable at the same time. For my breakfast, I ordered their breakfast starter, Pizza Marengo, Lentil soup and Choco Vanilla Affair for desert. I would say that I had a heavy breakfast.

My breakfast starter is consisting of Waffles, two fried eggs, hanna sausages and a glass of lemonade. I also tried the Lentil soup, it’s a healthy and filling soup meal fortified with freah and delicately seasoned spices served with a hot garlic bread.


Pizza Morengo is a pizza made of chunks of chicken breast sauteed w/ mushroom,onions and bell peppers hearty and filling. From a recipe created by Napoleon’s Chef at a small town in Piedmont region of Italy.
Choco Vanilla Affair is my new favorite desert. It’s also one of their best seller. It’s a hot chocolate muffin underneath of a vanilla ice cream. The sweetness level of the chocolate muffin is just enough to satisfy your cravings.
We are heading to Camp John Hay for our lunch. But before that, you can walk around the area of Camp John Hay and enjoy the breeze.
If you are seeking for an adventure, you can also try these amazing outdoor activities at Tree Top Adventure Park.
And if you have your own packed lunch, then feel free to have a picnic within the park picnic grounds.
Another must try activities at Camp John Hay are paint ball fight, paintball target shooting, zipline & rappelling, wall climbing and the eco trail that can be experienced at Paintball Republic Extreme Outdoor Adventure Park.
Now it’s time for lunch. If you’re a steak lover but you are on a budget, then you must try the steak in Canto at Ketchup Food Community located at Romulo Drive Brgy. Lualhati (nearWright Park) Camp John Hay, Baguio City. Experience good food, great ambiance, simple outdoor dining and distinct architecture.
I tried their Lomo Ribs Whole and I must say that this has got to be the most tender ribs I’ve ever had. The juiciness and the tangy sauce is just perfect that it will leave you speechless. This whole serving can be shared by 2-3 persons. It was served with a salad that I truly loved since there’s a tiny bits of peanut brittle.
After having a quite heavy lunch, let us try to do a little history searching and reading at the Baguio Museum.
Who wouldn’t want to know the history and the culture of the famous city, right? The Baguio Museum is just located at Dot-PTA Complex, Governor Pack Rd, Baguio. You just need to prepare a P40.00 entrance fee and you can enjoy you’re time reading about Baguio’s history. How it was before and how it is right now.

Now that we have seen some of Baguio’s arts and you still want to see more, then you can visit BenCab Museum which is located at Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet. The BenCab Museum is home to works of National Artist for Visual Arts Benedicto Cabrera as well as those of other local contemporary artists. The museum also has a Cordillera Gallery, which houses artifacts from all over the Cordillera region. The museum also holds exhibitions regularly. They are open during Tuesdays-Sundays, 09:00am to 06:00pm If you are on a budget, I recommend to visit this museum during mornings until 03:00pm. Because riding a jeep will never be a problem during that time. You can ride a jeep going to Asin at Baguio Public Market which will only cost you P11.00 for a one way trip to the museum and another P11.00  from the museum going back to the public market. If you never made to visit the museum during morning or you want to ditch going to the public market, you can also ride a cab, however you need to negotiate to the cab drivers for a waiting fee amounting to P350.00 to P400.00 because going back to the city proper might be a bit tricky by this time. Then you will pay a P120.00 for the entrance fee. You may also buy some souvenirs at the souvenir shop.
And if ever you felt hungry, you can dine at Cafe Sabel which is also located within the museum. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to try their dish since there are a lot of tourist who came to the museum. I even want to try their signature coffee blend which is BenCab’s Brew. At least I have something to look forward, next time I visit this museum. img_2500img_2503
The garden area of BenCab Museum.
Because of the hunger that I felt, I decided to head back to the public market and try one of Baguio’s newest favorite restaurant. Arca’s Yard. This is located at Ambuklao Rd, Baguio. Arca’s Yard is famous because of it’s serene ambiance and beautiful interior design. If you are eyeing for a relaxing place where you can read comfortably while delimited by books, cultural artifacts, and nature, then Arca’s Yard has to be that impeccable place for you. In fact if you want to spend time to write down for your own thoughts or you want to do your bible reading and devotion. This place is highly recommended for you. It’s nice to enjoy reading or doing your works while enjoying the breath taking scenery and ambiance at the same time sipping a cup of coffee or tea.
For my mirienda, I tried their famous Arca’s Cloud Tea and Arca’s Docto Pie Ala Mode (Camote Pie).
img_2870Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Good food and a good drink to refresh my soul.
If it came to your mind that you need to stay gwapo during your travel, you can drop a visit Kwentong Barbero Barbershop at 12 Abanao Extension, Baguio City. It’s a shop that shears, shaves and shines so you stay sharp. They offer services such as haircuts, shaving, body massage, facial treatment and shoe shining. I recommend you to try their full service package that consists of  haircut, shave, facial and a 20 minute body massage for only P500.00
Your  Baguio trip will never complete without sipping a hot Chocolateng Batirol and Strawberries right? My body demands chocolates and that is where my foot set and brought me to Tsokolateria. The chocolate haven in Baguio and the right to place to sit down, relax and sip a hot Batirol. Tsokolateria is located at Igorot Stairs, Upper Session Road, Baguio. Artisan Chocolate, this is what Tsokolateria is all about. Artisan means that the food and drink are made by hand and using only high quality ingredients. The ambiance of the place is very relaxing and their service is a two thumbs up. Because I was craving for Strawberries, I tried their Strawberry Fondue. It’s a combination of Strawberries and a hot chocolate fondue. For my hot batirol, I want to try something different. So I tried the Sili Labuyo Choco Blend. This fiery chocolate drink has the right combination of sweetness and spiciness. At first you will feel a little discomfort from the chili but after a while you become comforted as the spicy flavor does not linger for a long time. This chocolate drink is good for the adventurous or for those who wants to try something new for their taste buds.
And for our last foodventure, I want to set the mood with a little “That Thing Called Tadhana” ambiance. Cafe by the Ruins will be our last stop. This restaurant was used in the film That Thing Called Tadhana played by Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman. The place is famous for it’s forest like and traditional scenery. The bamboo fences, wooden furniture, and unevenly paved floor work together to add a more rustic charm to the al fresco arrangement of the place.
I tried their one of the best seller delicacy which is the Baguio Bagnet. It’s bagnet served with a cup of red rice, a bowl of spicy sinigang soup and tomato relish with Padas bagoong. The pork belly we got was cooked perfectly. It was crispy and hard in the right places and soft on the inside. The Sinigang soup has the perfect spiciness and the Padas bagoong has that perfect salty taste.
That’s the end of our adventure. I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you and God bless.

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